HI, I’M melissa

It all started with an art show when I was 4 years old and a love affair with storytelling while being raised by 2 self-made entrepreneurs.

From displaying my creative edge at the ripe age of 4, to being sung lullabies with the voice of my mom coaching aspiring millionaires as I drifted off to sleep, to being enchanted by story and how it connects people. Branding + business building was my fate. 

Here I am, 4 years old creating a
memory that would change
my life

So here's the scene…

Our entire Kindergarten class was given an assignment of creating a work of art from cut up pieces of multicolored paper that was different shapes. 

It seemed like a meaningless task until the teacher mentioned that if we come up with a unique design that stands out, our art will be framed and showcased at our school's upcoming art show.

I was a super shy little girl and did not like to do things to be in the spotlight most of the time.

No, legit the idea of standing out and doing things independently freaked me out. I was that 4 year old on the first day of kindergarten kicking and screaming crying all day for my mom to pick me up.

I remember thinking...
“If everyone could feel this, the world would be a better place."

I felt…

I felt proud to show the world how talented I am. I felt independent that I was able to do this task on my own. I felt strong that I had the creative gifts within me to create this art. I felt inspired to do this again. I felt the freedom to express myself and be celebrated. 

Because, everyone should feel valued and celebrated. 

Everyone deserves a spot on “the wall” regardless of what happened before. 

Everyone's inner gifts should be showcased and used to inspire other people. 






If everyone could feel...

It's time for you to experience the same.

Your purpose has a story and your brand is the voice that will share it. 

Using my voice to help you find yours.

I promise-cross-my-heart this is my purpose.
My story. 

Your purpose has a story and your brand is the voice that will share it. 

I promise-cross-my-heart this is my purpose.
My story. 


At G&G, we're firm believers that building a value-driven company is the key to success.

We understand that in today's world, consumers care about more than just what you sell – they care about what you stand for. That's why we work tirelessly with our clients to help them uncover their unique values and beliefs, and use these principles as the foundation for building a strong and authentic brand.

What we're 


We are loving how modern age technology can elevate your brand. We are loving how technology allows you & your small business to make money while you sleep or are on vacay. We love innovative design & tech solutions to save you time and make more $$$!

What we're


We are learning how to best serve next generation entrepreneurs that leaving behind the traditional idea of college education and instead, are ready to dive headfirst into launching their own unique and innovative businesses.

What we're

not about

We are not about conformity, we celebrate uniqueness. We are not about taking shortcuts or quick fixes, we do the work to create a solid brand for you. We are not about profit over quality, we want you to make $$$ but with authenticity and high-quality customer experiences at the center. 

what we


We believe in the power of storytelling, and this is what sets your brand apart from competitors and resonates with its audience. We believe in consistency, and this is the key to building brand recognition and trust. We believe in exceeding expectations as they yield exceptional results.

without feeling overwhelmed about it either.

meet our team

G&G Team

it's not just your brand. it's your legacy.

mediocrity is so last season.

"Collaboration unlocks the power of creativity and innovation. We create brands that not only stand out, but make a lasting impact on the world."

— Melissa, ceo + founder

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melissa, our Ceo , lead designer + strategist

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let's unleash your brand voice + legacy


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