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But let us tell you, there's something magical about holding a physical representation of your brand in your hands. It's the difference between a passing thought and a memorable experience.

Our team of expert designers and printers are here to help you bring your vision to life. We know that your brand is unique, and that's why we offer a wide range of options to choose from. Whether you're looking for bold and colorful or sleek and modern, we've got you covered!

real results

"I really appreciate Melissa's attention to detail and you cannot go wrong by having her for your marketing design."

I recently opened up a business, having been working in the Salon industry for many years and I hired Melissa to handle my web design and all my marketing collateral. Melissa was so inventive in creating my logo after interviewing me, she got a feel for my personality and my style! She presented several choices to me all which were wonderful. It made it a little difficult to decide because all of them were so spot on! She really has a good knowledge of the industries and what areas or deficiencies in the market places that you can capitalize on. I’m very happy with my results and capturing the eyes of new clients from the way my business is represented through Melissa‘s talent!

-Thomas Francis, 
Thomas Francis Hair Design Studio

"I can't even begin to describe the impact that working with the G&G copywriting team has had on my business."

They helped clarify my brand message and helped me create content that truly spoke to my target audience. They were professional, responsive, and really took the time to understand my business and my vision. I honestly can't recommend them enough - if you're a small business owner looking to take your brand to the next level, do yourself a favor and hire this team today!

- Deb Ingino, 
CEO of Strength Leader 


how we can help

Business Cards

With our eye-catching and professionally designed business cards, yours is going to STAY in peoples hands and not be tossed in the trash! P.S. we also love to create custom QR Codes for you too!


Creating a brochure without a professional designer is like navigating a maze blindfolded - let us be your guide and help you create a stunning and effective piece that will leave a lasting impression on your audience!

Specialty items

Got a big networking event coming up? Did you just launch your E-Commerce shop or Brick & Mortar and need some on-brand packaging? Look no further- we will have your customers wide eyed at your brand experience!

"Alexa: where's my package?"

We think you'll be just as excited as an amazon prime delivery!

We know it can be tempting to DIY your marketing materials, but it's like trying to cook a gourmet meal with a dull knife - you may get the job done, but it won't be as delicious as it could be. Let us sharpen your brand with our professionally designed and printed business cards, brochures, flyers, posters, and more that will leave a lasting impression on your audience and have them coming back for seconds!

Think about all the times you've been handed a flimsy, unremarkable business card, only to toss it aside moments later. Don't let that happen to your brand!



Make your mark at your next event, customer appointment, or at your register.


Build trust & credibility by having a consistent brand presence.


Showcase attention grabbing printed design that appeals to your dream clients.


Unlock deeper awareness and maximize visibility with your audience so you remain top-of-mind. 

this is for you.

Branded materials are not just a piece of paper or a card,

they are the the silent ambassadors of your brand's  passion, purpose and personality,

- G&G Team



Apply Online or Book Your Free Discovery Call

Apply Online or Connect with our Founder Melissa, on a Free 30 Minute Discovery Call to explore scope of your editorial printing needs, goals, & investment capacity!


Review Your Proposal

After your Application Review or Discovery Call we will send you a line by line itemized proposal for your Project  and timeline for deliverables!


Red Light. Green Light. 123.

You respond to us within 24-48 hours with your decision in regards to your Printing package. Once we get the Green Light from you, your designs will be heading off to the printers and delivered directly to you!

The marketing

Melissa has an unwavering passion for helping entrepreneurs elevate their brand and stand out from the competition through stunning editorial materials. Her innovative approach to design, coupled with her dedication to creating a seamless client experience, has earned G&G a reputation for excellence in the industry. Whether collaborating with clients on a new logo, crafting a compelling brand story, or designing a breathtaking brochure, Melissa is committed to bringing G&G's clients' visions to life with creativity and precision.


Melissa says, "Imagine for a moment you're an artist, and each piece of your work represents a part of your soul. That's how I view your branding and design. My mission is to help you unlock the full potential of your brand by creating a cohesive and visually stunning representation of your business. I believe that printed materials are like the cherry on top of the branding sundae - it's the final touch that brings everything together and unlocks limitless possibilities for your brand to make a lasting impact!"

Melissa says..."printed materials are like the cherry on top of the branding sundae."

go from messy to memorable

Ready to do a happy dance at your mailbox?

Ditch the Zazzle shopping cart for G&G's printed editorial designs so you rise above the noise and make a lasting impact.

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